Treat Yourself

Luxurious Facial Massage

Enjoy a personalised facial massage, using natural plant organic products and safe techniques. Involving collagen skin care, this massage smoothes wrinkles and fine lines anti-aging. Gently facial acupuncture points are massaged and this allows the skin to absorb the full nutrition, penetration of moisture boosting the facial skin and tone.

Luxurious Facial Massage – £85

Skin Food Therapy

Skin Food Therapy is a customized treatment that will enhance the effectiveness of Cosmetic Acupuncture. This personalized herbal mask gently detoxifies, clarifies, tones and tightens the skin to achieve a healthy glow.

Skin food therapy is a wonderful treatment for all skin types and is designed to nourish the skin. This beauty therapy uses completely natural and high quality herbs like ginseng, green tea, Vitamin C (which is rich in anti-oxidants), licorice root, and other herbs.  This has a very calming effect on the skin and will visibly relieve signs of inflammation and sensitivity. The treatment will end with an acupressure facial massage using pure creams for optimal essence.  Regular treatments will ensure a younger, healthier looking skin.

Skin Food Therapy – £85