You can choose from various treatments depending on what your goal is. Our strong belief is that you can’t achieve a pure and healthy body without taking care of the soul and mind as well.

Health Rejuvenation Massage

Health Rejuvenation massage gives your body and mind a natural calm feeling through a special holistic style tailored to your body.

It combines classic massage techniques with breathing and stretching techniques to target chronic muscle tension, muscle spasm and knots.

Perfect to loosen up and enhance relaxation after a long day.

Sports / Remedial Massage

As the name suggests the remedial massage aims to improve any type of injury from a common pulled muscle to serious sport injuries, a frozen shoulder or stuff neck.

Sports/Remedial massage involves passive/active movements, trigger points, stretching and special relaxation techniques for each group of muscles depending on the injured area.

Suitable for professional athletes as well as for day to day joggers or desk users.

Mum to be Massage

Specially designed to alleviate back and legs pain, to decrease levels of the stress hormone and improving sleep during the pregnancy. It is a relaxing and nurturing massage that also takes care of the skin by using special hydrating products.

We use organic certified products so the mum and the baby are safe.

Reflexology Massage

Like other complimentary and holistic therapies, reflexology works on the whole person rather than just one particular symptom.

It is based on the principle that different points on our feet, lower leg and hands called reflex points, corresponds with different areas of our body via the nervous system.

Great help for heavy, tired legs and a great remedy for stress as the body will nurture and repair itself once released from stress and tiredness.

Biodynamic Massage

Works on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. It is a dry massage that encourages energy flow down the body based on the premises that we are energy beings and able to self-healing.
It also works on connective tissue and muscles using stretching and lifting techniques increasing muscular tension and pain relief.

Suitable for stress related symptoms and the ‘under the weather’ feeling.

Body Detoxifier Massage

Specially designed to fight tiredness, water retention & to generally boost up your immune system. The main technique consists of a light pressure applied over your lymphatic nodules, key points in our body where the toxins are gathered ready to be drained into the lymphatic circulatory system.

It has a powerful impact on your body’ ability to heal by clearing out sluggish tissue and general body toxins.


Combines the soothing, healing touch of holistic massage with the therapeutic properties of a bespoke blend of essential oils.

Allow yourself to enhance the benefits of your favourite treatment by using one of the blends that is suitable to your health goal: Blissful Lavender, Muscle Soothing, and Renewal Energy.